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Droopy Butt Fix

3 Most Efficient Exercises to Achieve That Dream Butt


  • Your legs are thick and covered in cellulite, your booty is flat, what’s the best solution to fixing this up? Train the booty, the right way!
  • A well-structured “booty workout” will help to tone up your glutes, improve your overall confident as a woman and more! Creating that aesthetic, narrow waist and fuller butt silhouette

Woman & Weights are a thing now

We can’t deny it; perky butt is in trend now. You find countless (& growing) number of women in the gym dedicating themselves to weights – specifically, booty days.

“Skinny” is no longer sexy, women want to develop a shapely butt, tone up their legs and remove stubborn cellulite. Squatting with weights, leg pressing on the big scary machine used to be intimidating and completely avoided by most women becomes women’s’ object of adoration.

“Fit” has become the new sexy.


Butt, there is a huge and concealed misconception; leg training does not always lead to a well-shaped bum. *whuuuut?

For many women, exercises such as: (squats, deadlifts, lunges) only increases the size of their quads, thicken waist area, and hamstrings without having any significant effect on their glutes.
Excuse me, glutes? Yes, that G-spot is the much-neglected muscle not within our periphery, which is most important to attain that booty of your dreams.

Quads, hamstrings, and torso area are easier to “activate” hypertrophy (grow bigger) during the workout while the glutes are not fully triggered. Hence, the more training you do, the stronger the quads, lower back and hamstrings become, and this eventually cause a huge disproportion.

One might argue it is a different story when with a good lifting form and technique when performing the above exercises. I hate to break it to you, it may still not be the optimal way to develop the glutes. As the legs become dominant, the glutes continue to take the back sit and stay less activated and thus development (of the glutes) does not occur.

Squats are the best for developing your butt?

Yes, we have all heard of squats. The ultimate go-to when all fails. Butt, are squats necessarily the queen exercise for building a well-shaped bum? No.

Everyone is of different genetic, anatomy structure, and biomechanics.
What works for she-hulk may not work for Maryjane or Kate Ashley and vice versa. Instead of developing the glutes, they develop She-hulk legs.

Wonder why your glutes look flat despite all the squatting, lunging, and deadlifting?
Squats is multi-joint movement that activate 1) Quads 2) Glutes 3) Hamstrings 4) Lower back 5) Core 6) Upper back.
For somebody who is inexperienced, squatting may be too complicated for them to focus on activating the glutes. It may also result in injury if not done befittingly. As such, squats are not the absolute when it comes to building your glutes.
If Not Squats, Then What? – The Solution.

Here we include the top 3 most efficient exercises for your tushie.

Exercise 1: Hip Thrust with weights

The objective of this exercise is to create the mind and muscle connection you need for the subsequent bum exercises.

2 Warm up sets, 12-15 repetitions

3 Working sets, 8-10 repetitions

Rest time: 45secs max

Exercise 2: Single-Leg Deadlifts (SLDL) Superset with Single-Leg Squats (SLS)

The objective of this exercise is to stretch your leg muscle fibres and contract it so hard that the glutes are forced to engage as blood rushes in.

*superset: no rest, right after each set of SLDL, move on to SLS. Yes, scream in pain dear cellulite. Scream.

Start off with the working set, 10 repetitions per leg for SLDL.
Quickly move on to 10 repetitions for SLS

Rest time: 90secs max

Repeat 2 more times.

Exercise 3: Lunges (special technique) Bending forward

The objective of this exercise is to simply throw in cardiovascular impact, on top of *slaying your glutes completely.

3 working sets

12 repetitions per leg

Additional (She-Hulk level) – Squeeze yourrrr Glutes in between sets  

In between every working set, (during rest time) focus on contracting your glutes to force more blood flow into your bum.

Squeeze your glutes together for a duration of 15-20 second in between every single set mentioned above, example:

Lunges: 12 repetitions per leg, once 24 reps are done, (immediately squeeze your glutes for 15-20 seconds before resting for 60 secs)

Do that twice a week, and see the change in your bum after 5-6 weeks of progression.


Top 3 things you should not do

  • Long distance running.

Thinking that long distance running can burn away the size of your legs, this would lead to loss of muscle, as your leg muscle becomes weaker, your joints (knee and ankle) take more damage when you run, eventually your will suffer injuries and the inability to train. As well as your more dominant muscles such as quads, calves, hams, lower back will work harder and has no significant effect to your glutes development. Muscles will be burn away leaving you with thin flabby legs and saggy butt.


  • You go online and articles suggest to you that high repetitions and light weight help with shaping of the legs, while heavy weight and low repetitions makes it bigger. The difference between doing 500 lunges and squats blindly, means you will still be activating other muscles on your legs more than your glutes. As well as your body getting used to these exercises and doing more will have zero effect on your legs and glutes


  • You go on a weight loss diet that you found via the internet, you start eating lesser, probably no carbs, plus an apple a day, does that help? No, although you may find yourself losing weight, but you will probably hit a plateau in about 3 weeks’ time and weigh loss is going to stagnate. While your entire body goes into catabolic state for eating so little, you start losing muscles, and becomes skinnier, your glutes will still be flat. The lack of nutrition will not aid butt development. You want to lose bodyfat% not weight, refer to my previous article on burning bodyfat effectively and efficiently.

“I feel fitter, toner and sexier in so many ways, I am so happy with the changes.”

Kirstie’s transformation in a just a month!

I had 4 different personal trainers in the past. After many unsuccessful transformation attempts; slimming pills, diet plans and even joined a slimming centre, I felt jaded as nothing seemed to work.

I was persuaded to give it a final shot, that is when Jovin my personal trainer turned my attempts to success. Jovin listened patiently and told me that his training approach may sound unorthodox to me (given what I tried), it will however give me sustainable results and all I had to do was to trust him.

His favourite line “If something works, you would feel and see within 2 weeks. Else somethings got to change.”

We trained thrice a week. For the first time, my tummy area started toning up the way I wanted, my arms got leaner, my core felt stronger, my back muscles are tighter giving me a better posture – these were achieved within 3 weeks of training.

Every session was a different set of challenges and Jovin would tweak my diet every week. His diet plan was for me to make small impactful changes. I feel fitter, toner and sexier in so many ways, I am so happy with the changes.

Thank you Jovin for helping me achieve what I deem was unachievable and making me feel confident again. You are an awesome personal trainer and I look forward to our next workout.

Trainer Spotlight

“My clients are a reflection of my success as a Personal Trainer.”

“I owe my result to – diet, training and a good personal trainer.”

Laurence’s 4-month prep into competition.

My intent was to be ready for a local competition. Unlike my competitors, who had single-digit body fat percentages, my 21% body fat meant that I needed to work extra hard before the competition.

I was clueless about cardio, macro nutrition, and my weight training programme was a mess. For a while I tried to follow random fitness celebrities’ workouts on YouTube, until I was introduced to Tim from UAF.

I was apprehensive at first, as I heard stories about personal trainers making you sign up for a packages, then blaming you for not following the diet when the programme didn’t work.

However, Tim was different. He was patient, kind and very reasonable. He designed my training programme and diet, and the workouts were fun and full of variety.

We shared our meal plans which I very much enjoyed the process. When I ate badly, he would “fine” me with 50 burpees, 100 push-ups and 200 squats continuously without rest. I could never forget that punishment!

I learnt that mind-muscle connection is key to developing stubborn body parts, which really helped in maximising every single training session. I discovered proper lifting form and techniques and how to avoid injuries while training. I could feel my chest muscles hardening up and see lines appearing on my abs which I never have before! This journey was not only fulfilling, but also boosted my self-confidence.

After a few weeks of training, I could already see how my body is transforming. I followed my diet plan, my cardio programme was well balanced and my body fat was heading below 10%. Each time I looked in the mirror, I became more motivated, and eventually I became the best (physically) version of myself.

Trainer Spotlight

“Never do the same and expect more! Keep challenging yourself mentally and physically to be a better version of yourself.”

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Michelle’s proud transformation over half a year.

I recently attended my high school reunion and my friends were pleasantly surprised that I look healthier and more vibrant than in my teens.

I have the body type of an apple shaped endomorph and pretty much grew up as a pudgy teenager. It took hard work and persistence on both my and personal trainer, Jovin’s part – coupled with conscientious substitution of bad foods for good ones.

Jovin’s PT services are personalised; he comes in with a plan and we will follow through until we achieve the first goal then moved on to the next.

There are still times when I look at the mirror and wondered if this is really me. Through this partnership, I have conquered three vertical marathons (top 25 percentile) and the Spartan Race.

It’s been a great journey, and I’m looking forward to more healthy years to come. If you are serious about a positive change in your life, Jovin will lead you every step of the way with his contagious passionfor training and life.

I have been training with Jovin for over 6 years, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to develop healthy habits and aesthetics.

Trainer Spotlight

“It’s never too late to start."

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

Issac’s 180 degree change in his lifestyle in 4 months.

I used to spend a lot of time at work, leading to late-night supper and drinks. It was an unhealthy lifestyle and I felt out of shape.

I was introduced to my trainer Tim, who is very knowledgeable about diet, especially calorie manipulation. When my bodyfat% was stagnant, he was able to come up with different dieting techniques that are effective in reducing my bodyfat%.

He makes dieting fun and easy to follow, which was something I really appreciate as I can’t possibly eat pre-cooked meals every single day.

There are also days I eat with my colleagues, family and friends. I always feel bad after these social obligations. However, Tim was always able give the right advice to make me feel better emotionally. Plus, all the consistency in training and dieting has really paid off.

Trainer Spotlight

“Your whole body is made in the kitchen!”

“In 6 months, I went from 120kg to 85kg.”

George's most impactful birthday gift.

Being born an endomorph did not deter me from trying to keep in the best shape I can. I have tried every diet trend, from ketogenic, Atkins, and vegetarian to Weight Watchers diets. I even committed to jogging every day for 30-45mins, core training, lifting weights, and even signing up for spinning classes. But no matter how hard I tried, I was still unable to change my physique.

I felt demoralised and fell back into snacking and old habits of supper. Sleep deprivation from work made things worse and my energy level was at its all-time low.

My wife decided to sign me up for a personal training package as my birthday gift and that was when I met my PT, Jovin.

Jovin laid out a game plan for us, which consists of short to long-term goals. The first 3 weeks were all experimental. The training was fun, progressive and challenging at the same time. Jovin was so committed that he would wake up at 6 am to text and ensure that I do my fasted cardio before breaking fast.

All my workouts were recorded and we knew exactly what worked and what didn’t. We used a food log as well to track my macros.

It was an enjoyable and fulfilling journey, and every session was a new learning experience.

We measured my body fat % and stats every month, and I am so glad to see each measurement improve. I started sleeping well as I was able to channel my stress through my workouts. In 6 months, I went from 120kg to 85kg.

Most importantly, I believe I am able to sustain my physique because I really enjoy this new lifestyle. If you are looking for a trainer in Singapore who knows his stuff, Jovin is your go-to fitness trainer.

Trainer Spotlight

“The biggest challenge is taking the first step.”


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“I can’t believe that was me in the past.”

Jimmy's Body Transformation in 5 Months.

I needed a quick fix on my lifestyle and body. I was recommended to my personal trainer Jovin by a friend.

The entire process of my fitness journey was exciting as we do progressive measurements every 3 weeks, analysing of my bodyfat % and pictures, he was meticulous on which part of my body was progressing well, and which part needed more attention.

By the 3rd month I could see my chest and arms becoming more defined. By the 5th month when we compared the earlier pictures, I couldn’t believe that was me in the past and the new me was also in a way unbelievable for me, my confidence grew and my lifestyle has changed.

I manage to cut out alcohol and got into a good and balance diet regime with “cheat meals” catered as well, overall, very balanced and positively reinforcing. It shows that a good fat loss diet is not just about eating boiled chicken breast and many eggs for every meal.

Trainer Spotlight

“Dieting is not about chicken breast and eggs only!”

“Weight loss happens with the right nutrition & training.”

Malvika's Weight Loss in 2 Months.

Having just move into Singapore and surrounded by all the good food, I gained a lot of weight to the point that I find it hard to fit into all my dresses.

I tried working at different gyms, experienced some weight loss but somehow aesthetically I couldn’t change how my stomach looked.

Got desperate and decide to google for personal trainers and by luck found Urban Active Fitness and was paired with Jovin! His workouts are planned in phases, with proper structure and progression.

The training has a good mixture of fun and toughness injected, I look forward to all my workouts with Jovin and most importantly he helped me with my nutrition, which I felt contributed to my transformation.

Thank you Jovin for transforming how I look and also my eating habits.

Trainer Spotlight

“Variety is still the spice of life.”

“At 43, I am looking my best.”

Matthew's Transformation in 6 Months.

Juggling between 3 kids, a bank job, and plenty of stress, going to a gym was out of the question for me. Having a personal trainer come to my condo gym to train me was the only option available to me.

Jovin went the extra mile for me, even staying an extra 30mins after my session ended to make sure I finish my 30mins cardio session.

We did this thrice a week and he also held me accountable on days I don’t train to do 45mins cardio. I was clocking in 3 weights session and 5 cardio sessions a week with varying intensity.

Every meal I ate was eyeballed, he would explain why I needed to cut down on certain choices and giving me great alternatives for eating lunch around my office area. His efforts are proportionate to my transformation goal.

At 43, I am looking my best.

Trainer Spotlight

“Prioritize your time, use it on your health and you will thank yourself later!”

“I am able to stay fit purposefully on track now.”

Aileen's Transformation in 8 Months.

During my pregnancy, I put on about 30kg. When I looked into the mirror, I felt horrible, I had no clue how I was ever going to get back in shape.

I was matched with Gecelia of Urbanactivefitness. The first few weeks of training was challenging and tough. I felt like giving up so many times, but Gecelia was by my side the whole journey.

On non-training days she would text me, or call me to check on me which I really appreciate. She always knows what to say to boost my motivation and keep me on track. She even made her signature overnight oats for me.

Ultimately, I am able to stay purposefully on track and started losing my pre-pregnancy weight and bodyfat %.

I have regained my body shape, couldn’t have done it without her help. Thank you Urbanactivefitness and Gec!

Trainer Spotlight

“Going the extra mile for my client also reap heaps of rewards for me.”

“Training is challenging and I have really come to enjoy it.”

Bryan's Transformation in 3 Months.

I met Jeremy 3 months ago when I realised my fitness level had gone down after struggling to breathe from playing with my son. I decided that I must do something about it before it gets worse.

Jeremy is the nicest and most patient person I have met, always very attentive to my training form, and checks on my mental condition during training.

His training is everchanging, there was never 1 session that was completely the same as the previous one.

He is creative in coming up with effective yet challenging exercises that I really come to enjoy. He is also well-versed in Sports massage and have occasionally help me release tightness in my neck and shoulder.

I highly recommend Jeremy as a PT.

Trainer Spotlight

“You are your own biggest challenge.”

“Training correctly has helped me achieve a better physique at 44.”

Peter's Transformation in 5 Months.

I look forward to every PT session with Shaun, he is knowledgeable, patient and passionate about helping me change my physique.

I had a few personal trainers before, but when I met Shaun, he was meticulous and able to correct on all my lifting techniques. These small yet impactful changes in my training techniques have gotten me stronger and enable me to achieve a better physique at 44.

He was also helpful with nutrition guidance and on the days, I travel for work, he will take the effort to do video calls with me to ensure I am training, and not skipping my cardio sessions.

Highly recommend Shaun to anyone looking for a committed personal trainer.

Trainer Spotlight

“Consistency is KEY.”

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