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Let’s take it back to the beginning, an idea that let me dive into the fitness world. I have gotten frustrated with being unable to do a pull-up for my NAPFA test back in the secondary school days. This skinny kid here turned his efforts into going to the gym to get stronger, countless hours of sweat, & effort went by, build up a muscular and powerful physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Getting 6 pack abs was easily achieved, therefore i wanted a new challenge and pushed for a more aesthetic muscular physique. I felt frustrated about picking up injuries and the slow progress along the way. Wanted to give up many times and quit, voices in my head told me so. I persevered, and my physique gradually got more aesthetic and symmetrical. Hence i got into competing as a men’s physique athlete. When i first started out.
First Started Now: 2019

Along the way, i realized fitness gave me purpose, clarity, a direction in life, helped me to channel my anger & developed a beneficial way to improve my life experience through discipline and vision. Train your mind and your body, sculpting a balanced aesthetic muscular, powerful physique has a lot of benefits individually. Fast forward 8 years later, in constant pursuit of a better physique for myself and taking part in physique competitions along the way. I realized there is a better purpose than competing for that 1 minute on stage. Fitness has a purpose & function for everyone. Got into the deep dive of nutrition and training while exploring various hobbies such as parkour, calisthenics, golf, and surfing.

Took up advanced courses in which consists of anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition & program design, also sleep and digestion optimization & too soon to be an MNU certified nutritionist. I feel you can never stop learning; the correct knowledge you possess will benefit yourself greatly! I aspire to be one of the best personal trainers in Singapore. Found my calling which is to help and serve people with integrity and professionalism in fitness, be it nutrition, wellness, health or a better physique, etc. I challenge myself daily to use the knowledge and skills i have acquired to serve my clients better, fast forward a friend got me in touch with UAF which is run by Jovin, i appreciated his ideas and vision for changing the fitness industry here for better standards and i am part of the UAF team now! Fitness is a personal journey to improve yourself & level up. Be it building muscles, better nutritional habits, or losing weight or getting stronger and improving your posture. I am here to help you achieve these goals!

I leave with you 5 tips for your fitness and life!!

1)Health is wealth 

2)Take it as a learning process for yourself!

3)Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know, go and get professional help

4)Do it with friends and family if you can!

5)It will help you be a better individual emotionally, mentally, physically wise!